Tak fra dirigent Michael Balke!

Skrevet tirsdag d. 2. maj 2017

FKA har modtaget denne besked fra dirigent Michael Balke, som var den udenlandske dirigent, som dirigerede Brahms'  "Ein Deutsches Requiem" i Musikkens Hus onsdag den 12.4.2017.

Dejligt med de pæne ord (når nu Nordjyske "kun" gav 4 stjerner ud af 6)

Tak Michael!

Dear members of the Filharmonisk Kor, I would like to thank you again for your beautiful singing in the Brahms Requiem. Together with the Coro Misto and the Thisted Kirkes Drenge-Mandskor you gave an impressive and moving performance of this amazing work which of course is so central in the choral literature. I especially enjoyed your flexibility and how fast you were responding to my wishes and intentions and in what a short time the three choirs were melting into one beautiful sound. I will keep very happy memories of our concert and hope to see and hear you again very soon! Tusind tak !!! Michael

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