Join the Philharmonic Choir Aalborg

Philharmonic choir regularly welcome new members. If you are interested in joining the choir, please continue reading...

If you would like to join the choir, you would be accepted as a trial member for a specified period of time. In this period you would participate in a number of our normal rehearsal sessions. During these sessions you would rehearse the current material the choir is working on at the time.

After the trial membership ends, we will find out if you are right for the choir, and the choir is right for you. If agreed upon, you must complete an audition before formally being admitted to the choir. These auditions are normally held in January and September.

When a new member joins the choir, a so-called 'Welcome Companion' is appointed to the new member. The Welcome Companion is a person from your own vocal group whom will help you with all the practical aspects of being a choir member. The Welcome Companion will also help introduce you to the other members of the choir. 

Obviously the prerequisites for joining the choir is a good singing voice, a good knowledge of nodes, good ear and the required time and a desire for stable attendance for rehearsals and concerts. It is most definitely an advantage to have previous choir experience.

As we strive to have a certain number of different voices in the choir, you may be added to a waiting list if your voice type is fully represented in the choir.

Please feel free to contact Ann Mikkelsen, phone +45 22 21 20 30 for further information.